Thanksgiving pie… the results!

November 27, 2010

On Tuesday morning, the 23rd of November to be exact, a friend and I put on our walkin’ shoes and light jackets (It was in the sixties. It’s the end of November. I couldn’t tell you. Anyways.) and made the trip from Manhattan to Brooklyn in order to sample one of the special pies from Four and Twenty Blackbirds. These were special because, for the few days leading up to Thanksgiving, the bakery only made a certain number of pies to sell and that was it, besides coffee, that is. The bakery was barren, except for boxed pies and a smallish cash register set up right near the door. Once they sold out of pies that was it until the next day! I had to get my hands on a pie, not only because I love trying sweet things from new places, but also because I love when stores have these little events upset the normal routine.

We bought pies Tuesday morning, around 8:30 am. Then walked around Prospect Park, ate at this fantastic diner (Dizzy’s, on 9th Street and 8th Ave) took the metro back to Manhattan, putzed around his apartment for an hour or so, and took the bus back to Boston. All this with pie in hand. Needless to say, I was so darn excited to try the pie that it could barely be contained. I had to try really hard to resist putting my face in it.

Worth the wait, though! It was incredible; the chocolate layer at the bottom complemented the sweet gooey caramel perfectly. The overall experience was delightful, and there’s nothing like having all your

Not the best photo in the world, but that chocolate layer is so beautiful! Look! Just look!

senses engaged at one time!

My friend said that it was “literally the best thing he had ever eaten.” We’re both prone to superlative statements, but that isn’t too terribly far from the truth.


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