Happy Valentine’s Day! (Part One)

February 14, 2011

I haven’t mentioned it, but Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. One can understand why people consistently hate on Valentine’s Day, but A) it’s not in my nature to hate on things and B) it can be regarded as a general celebration of love, for your friends, family, etc.

In the spirit of Valentine’s day a few friends and I got together with some kick ass cupcakes, and I thought I’d share the love!

Berry Crumbly, Coconut, and Moon Pie

The flavors pictured are Berry Crumbly, Coco Kick, and Moon Pie. Please note the AWESOME cupcake liners and the chocolatey-est of chocolate frostings on the Moon Pie cupcake.


When you cut into Moon Pie, the graham cracker crumbs spilled all over the place, even though they were between the fluff filling and chocolate frosting. Cupcake magic!


If you are ever in Boston, I strongly suggest you visit Kick Ass Cupcakes. If you’re not convinced by the pictures and the website, maybe you’ll be convinced by the fact that you can get the sweet logo pictured on the box in the above picture in temporary tattoo form, for FREE. You can’t argue with temporary tattoos. Try it. Doesn’t work.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Tell someone you love them!


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