Vacation Week: Disney World

February 28, 2011

Disney World is the land of everything over-the-top, desserts/sweets/baked goods included. Granted, their desserts don’t have the same appeal as something from a local bakery, or as an artisan confection, but there is something appealing about the mass-produced grandness of Disney World dessert. That same something is the reason people visit the place, to have experiences fit for fantasy.

One of the things I found fit for fantasy? Having chocolate chip cookies thick enough to be cut with biscuit cutters. I realize these probably aren’t, but the idea sends me into chocolate chip cookie dreamland.

Why yes, those are giant pumpkins hanging in nets. There is a new-ish ride in Epcot that takes you on a tour of agricultural developments in the past few years. Truthfully and unfortunately I’ve forgotten their description of the benefit of hanging pumpkins. Turns out I was too distracted thinking about how cute the pun-kin hammocks were.

Hard to see in this picture, but there are Mickey-decorated chocolate caramel crazy candied apples! Holy sugar-overload.

To avoid turning this post into my personal vacation album, this will be the last shot. Rainbow popcorn! I’ve definitely seen it before, though I can’t remember where… maybe Pennsylvania, maybe Boston, regardless, I love the colored candy puffs. In fact, there are only two ways that popcorn appeals to me; covered in cheese or covered in sugar. Surprise, surprise.

After these photos were taken I came down with a cold, thus ending my vacation food scavenging. Back to my life, I suppose… Breakfast Tuesday coming up tomorrow and a return to my normal blogging schedule!

One Response to “Vacation Week: Disney World”

  1. I wish I had some (all) of the fudge in that candy apple shot!

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