“Split-personality” Rice Krispie Treats

August 26, 2011

Moving day is approaching way too quickly for comfort – I have four days to finish packing and it’s a little frightening to think about all the work and tasks that have yet to be accomplished. The good news is that I swore to myself that I wouldn’t leave everything until last minute and I’ve kept my word. There are boxes all ready to go, laundry bagged and sorted, and rooms almost completely packed up. Let’s see, there’s the living room, storage closet, kitchen… wait! Kitchen? Really? I packed up the kitchen already? Yes sir, it was the first room I attacked with cardboard and tape. Random room knick-knacks and mountains of old receipts? Still got ‘em. Baking pans, pantry supplies, pot holders, cook books, silverware, cups, etc? Gone until Tuesday.

There is no method, people, only madness. It’s not like the kitchen is my favorite place in the house or I’ll need supplies to make food or bake for my friends. I was definitely kicking myself in the rear-end for it all when I wanted to make something for a friend, who was in need of a sugar pick-me-up. After rummaging through everything that didn’t belong to me, I came up with a large pot, a spoon, and a pyrex casserole dish. Thinking about her favorite desserts and my lack of kitchen utensils, I found a solution. Rice krispie treats! There aren’t a whole lot of ingredients (I don’t want to have a lot of food lying around before moving) and you don’t need a whole lot of kitchen stuff to make them.

I decided to do a “split personality” sheet of rice krispies – one half original topped with M&Ms and one half peanut butter krispie treat with chocolate ganache. The candy didn’t stick to the treats very well, even though I pushed them in pretty hard after pressing the krispies into the pan. I’m not sure if that was a me-mistake or just some sort of unwritten rice krispie rule of which I’m unaware. Regard the peanut butter personality, I went a little crazy with the chocolate ganache (using ¾ cup chopped dark chocolate melted with 1 tablespoon unsalted butter) and it overshadowed the peanut butter. Next time I’ll drizzle the chocolate instead of glopping it everywhere. It also took a long time to set on account of the muggy pre-hurricane air. Grievances aside, I loved them. It has been so long since I’ve had a rice krispie square and I loved how I got the choice between peanut butter and original. I didn’t do anything to change the recipe, so I’ll link you right to it.

(Once I’m moved and settled you’ll see more interesting and original recipes, promise!)


One Response to ““Split-personality” Rice Krispie Treats”

  1. Dennis Says:

    I’ll take M&Ms.. thank you.

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