(Still) Moving and some Travel Eats

September 1, 2011

Buzzzzz. The sound of silence. I know it’s no excuse, but this time around the moving process has been slow and overwhelming.

Exhibit A: This is my bedroom as of yesterday. Something seems off, no? That’s because it’s also the living room. And it’s full of everything I brought over from the old place – kitchen, living room, bedroom, everything. There are two other people moving stuff out of the apartment over the next few days, so I can’t move my stuff around until they are out and settled in the world. It’s cool. I kind of love having everyone hang out in my room all the time. In fact, last night we had some frozen cheesecake in the living room/my bedroom and everyone had to eat cheesecake and leave, whereas I could eat cheesecake in my bed and not have to move afterward. Gotta love the little things.

Exhibit B: Because all my kitchen stuff is still packed away, I haven’t baked or cooked a single thing in a few days. What you see here is the extent of my “cooking”, and basically what I’ve been eating for the last two days (and will continue to eat until tomorrow-ish, most likely). I can’t complain, though, because they are chocolate mini mini-wheats, and I’m a mini-wheat fiend.

I’m having some guilt issues concerning my lack o’ recipes this week, just in case you couldn’t tell, and I’m going to try to wriggle free from some of the guilt by sharing photos from my most recent trip to Mike’s Pastry. Mike’s is pretty touristy but they somehow manage to maintain a good level of deliciousness, and cheapness (the cost of living in Boston is in every other way astronomical). I don’t normally trek out to the North End but my mother was in town and we both love ourselves some dessert. What you see here, friends, is our lunch during one of the days we spent walking around the city. The box contains a pistachio cannoli (with the traditional ricotta filling), a chocolate peanut butter cupcake, a slice of tiramisu, and a profiterole the size of your face (no lie).

First up, the cannoli. No words, people. I love, LOVE anything with ricotta filling (sweet or savory), and the pistachio bits were a nice bit of change from the more traditional chocolate chip option. Mike’s does a great job with the cannoli shell, too, which is crispy but not crumbly and fried but in no way greasy.

Second is the peanut butter cupcake. My only concern with the cupcake was that the peanut butter filling was actually peanut butter. It sounds weird, but I don’t really come across peanut butter filled desserts that are filled with plain old peanut butter. It was a little cloying, but not enough so that we were prevented from devouring it.

Lastly, the profiterole. It was hugantic. Poofy and filled with pastry cream. I’m alright with that.

I’m sorry, again, for my lack of recipes and baking adventures. Stay tuned, though! I hope to bake in the next few days!


One Response to “(Still) Moving and some Travel Eats”

  1. DPR Sr Says:

    I can’t think of a better lunch… plus a pic of organization as moving is so much #*%^ fun! Have a good day…

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